Bartolomé Mitre

Bartolomé Mitre

Translation in terza rima by Bartolomé Mitre (Buenos Aires 1821 – 1906), Argentinian statesman, journalist and man of letters, president of the Republic of Argentina from 1862 to 1868.

First edition of the Inferno published at Buenos Aires in 1893 (first edition of the entire poem 1897).

The complete text of the Spanish translation of the Divine Comedy by Bartolomé Mitre is accessible online both in the site “Biblioteca de Traductores” and in the site “El libro total”.

To listen to the first six Cantos of the Inferno in the Spanish translation by Bartolomé Mitre, read by a mother-tongue Argentinian spoken voice, click here for the Canto I, here for the Canto II, here for the Canto III, here for the Canto IV, here for the Canto V, here for the Canto VI.

To listen to the opening words of Hell through an unusual comparison between the Spanish translations by Ángel Crespo and by Bartolomé Mitre watch the video Glottis at minuto 37:45.

Incipit dell’Inferno


The back of Casa Rosada in a painting of 1910 by Ángel Della Valle