Allen Mandelbaum

Allen Mandelbaum

Translation in blank verse by Allen Mandelbaum (Albany, NY, 1926 – Winston-Salem, NC, 2011), American poet and university professor of Italian literature.
Edition published at Berkeley in 1980.
Illustrated by Barry Moser (Chattanooga 1940), American drawer pupil of Leonard Baskin.

The complete English translation of the Divine Comedy by Allen Mandelbaum is  accessible online.

To listen to the opening words of Hell in the English translation of Allen Mandelbaum watch the video Glottis at minute 20:52.

Sopracoperta del volume dell’Inferno con il ritratto di Dante disegnato da Barry Moser

Incipit dell’Inferno

Illustrazione di Barry Moser raffigurante il conte Ugolino e l’arcivescovo Ruggieri (Inf., XXXII, 128).