Luisa Gastaldo was born in 1958 at Tarcento and lives in Buja (in the region Friuli).

She has a deep bond of friendship with the memory of Pierluigi Visintin and with his wife Alessandra.

She works in the field of environmental education in schools in the region as well as in her “Orto del tasso barbasso” (“Garden of the great mullein”), where she organizes annual meetings entitled Orto-grafie. Poetiche tra le aromatiche (“Garden lexicons. Rhyme amongst the sage and thyme”.)

She has published the volumes of poetry La culla sospesa (“The hanging cradle”), Kappa Vu 2011 and Della tua voce  (“About your voice”), Kappa Vu 2013.

She is a part of the writers’ group “Anna Achmàtova” with which she has published prose and poetry in Sepegrepetipi. La lingua dell’origine fra parola e afasia (“Sepegrepetipi.  The original language between the spoken word and aphasia”), 2009, and in Fiabesca. Storie di donnole, galline, briganti e regine rivisitate (“Fairy story.  Retold tales of weasels, hens, brigands and queens”), 2012, edited by Marina Giovanelli, Kappa Vu Editions.

With Valeria Bertesina she has edited the travelling exhibition and the anthology catalogue Luciano Morandini: lo sguardo e la ragione. Mostra internazionale di libri d’artista (“Luciano Morandini: the look and the reason. International exhibition of books about artists”), Ellerani, 2012.


Luisa Gastaldo has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in the translation into Friulian by Pierluigi Visintin.
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