Michail L. Lozinskij

Michail L. Lozinskij

Translation in terza rima by Michail Leonidovič Lozinskij (Gàtčina 1886 – Saint Petersburg 1955), Russian poet and translator.
Edition in three volumes published at Moscow in 1974 (First edition 1946).
Illustrated by Mikhail Ivanovič Pikov (1881-1971), Russian painter and illustrator.

To listen to the opening words of Hell in the Russian translation by M. L. Lozinskij watch the video Glottis at minute 47:36.

Incipit dell’Inferno
Mikhail Ivanovič Pikov, Paolo e Francesca (Inf., V, 73-87).
Mikhail Ivanovič Pikov, Gerione (Inf., XVII, 1-27).


Gàtčina, Palazzo degli zar, 1766-1880