Alessandra Kersevan


Alessandra Kersevan was born in 1950 into a working class family in Monfalcone, Italy, the third of four children. From her earliest childhood she breathed the ideals of justice and equality from the labourers in the city’s workplaces, and still feels herself bound to them to this day. She graduated in philosophy in 1974 with a thesis on contemporary history and the multiethnic atmosphere of her region also aroused her enthusiasm for less widely known languages; she devoted herself to the study and practice of music and Friulian literature in the company of the Canzoniere di Aiello and the Aiar di Tuessin (musical groups in which she performs as a solo singer). She has three children and has taught literature in middle school. From the end of the eighties onwards she concentrated on editing and founded the Kappa Vu publishing house with Giancarlo Velliscig, starting out right away with Cjantis e rimarolis pai frutins (Songs and nursery rhymes for children), a work in Friulian written together with Velliscig and sung by two singers (the work at that time had an audiocassette attached); the book was embellished by Altan’s drawings and the edifying contribution of Silvana Schiavi Fachin. Since then she has published countless works in Friuli as editor and also as author. She regards the publication of the whole translation by Venuti of the Divine Comedy as being one of the most important works in the field of Friulian culture. She also dedicates time to history studies, above all concerning the Resistance in her region.

Alessandra Kersevan has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (Hell, Canto V, 88-142) in the translation into Friulian by Aurelio Venuti.
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La Rocca di Monfalcone