Aurelio Venuti

Aurelio Venuti

Aurelio Venuti was born in Reana del Rojale (Udine) in 1945; he took his degree in Literature and for 40 years taught in schools in Friuli. Right from his schooldays he worked out a very personal way of reading the classics which consists of translating texts into other known languages while remaining faithful to the meter and stylistic features of the originals. In this way he studied Greek lyrical poetry, Homerian poems and the Latin poets, reworking them into Latin, Italian or Friulian verse. Subsequently he went on to study literary works in Langue d’oc and Langue d’oïl, in Franco-Italian and those which go back to the origins of Italian literature. Besides promoting the teaching of the Friulian language in schools, he spent years teaching recitation techniques to his pupils and laid on numerous theatrical shows with them based on English, Italian and Friulian texts, the latter having also been drawn from plays produced by him.


Aurelio Venuti has lent his voice to Ulysses and read the relevant verses (Inf., XXVI, 90-142) in his own Friulian translation.
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Veduta di Reana del Rojale (Ud)