Erminia Terranova was born in Campobello di Licata, the Sicilian town of the painted stones dedicated to the Divine Comedy (see below).  She began her professional activity as Sicilian folk singer in 1992 when she founded the Folk song group Zabara together with Tano Avanzato.

In 2002 she gained the prize Memorial Rosa Balistreri with the song Malarazza.  To listen to this beautiful Sicilian folk song interpreted by Erminia Terranova and Tano Avanzato klick here.

In more than twenty years of professional activity Erminia Terranova presented her performances around Italy, in France, in England, proposing Ignazio Buttitta’s poetry and the songs of Rosa Balistreri of whom she became one of the most refined interpreters.  She is now engaged in the antimafia performance “Io vedo, io sento… e parlo. Mafia da Sud a Nord“,. with the Group Zabara, at Milan and in Lombardy.

Erminia Terranova has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in the Sicilian translation of Giovanni Girgenti.
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In Campobello di Licata, province of Agrigento, where traditionally the most educated peasants used to recite by heart the verses of the Divine Comedy, the Italian-Argentinian painter Silvio Benedetto realised in the nineties a very peculiar open air museum, known as Valle delle pietre dipinte or Parco della Divina Commedia, a valley where 110 large stones are scattered, on which Silvio Benedetto painted scenes and persons of Dante’s poem.  We reproduce on this page the monolith dedicated to Paolo and Francesca.