In order to better launch the new “Ulysses Project” of our web-site we devised the idea to present a pleasant surprise to our visitors:  the story of Ulysses’ last journey contained in canto XXVI of Hell, as it was translated into Latin heksameters by Giuseppe Pasquale Marinelli, a humanist native of the region Marches (Camerano 1793-1875) who translated into Latin the entire Comedy of Dante and published it at Ancona in 1874.

Dante, Hell, Canto XXVI, verses 90-142
Latin translation by Giuseppe Pasquale Marinelli

For the reading of Latin verses we do not apply the classical “quantitative” meter, but the meter usually employed today for the expressive reading of poetical texts in modern languages. The pronunciation is the one used today in Italian classical schools.

To listen to the reading of these verses through the voice of Giuliano Turone, author and editor of this website, click here below: