Cristina Gimeno

Cristina Gimeno Blas was born in Calatayud (Spain) and grew up in Daroca, then moved to Saragossa and, finally, to Valencia where she took her degree in psychology.

In 1989 she moved to Italy, at Ivrea, the town where, at that time, Olivetti was still in business. There she found work as a translator and interpreter as well as a personnel training officer.

This drove her to deepen her knowledge of the Italian language and to start to study Hispanic philology which, after some years, led her to the Liceo “Botta” in Ivrea where she currently teaches Spanish language and literature.  The Liceo “Botta” was one of the first to create an association with the Spanish Ministerio de Educación and to become an International School with the biggest Italian “Sección Española”.  Thus Cristina has had the opportunity to combine, in her role as a teacher, her training in psychology with her literary and linguistic learning, which enables her today to carry out her job as a teacher with enthusiasm and passion.


Cristina Gimeno has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (Hell, Canto V, 88-142) in the Spanish translation by Ángel Crespo.

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Calatayud - El Castillo de Ayub

Calatayud – El Castillo de Ayub