Salbertrand, August 1929 – in the Baccon household Clelia is born to mum, Maria, and dad, Vincenzo Baccon.  It is here that the future teacher grows up together with her sisters, Giuseppina and Luigina.  Notwithstanding the family’s agricultural activity, the young Clelia prefers to study, for which reason she attends classes in vocational agricultural training in Oulx before they are closed down: this is, in fact, a time of war.

The need to complete her studies leads her to turn to a correspondence school, the Istituto Volontà in Rome but, following the allied landings in Sicily, all the remaining lessons are delivered to her with a note: “We can no longer guarantee this service; you have all you need for the exam”.  In June 1944, despite the difficulties, she passes the exam in Susa and thus obtains her Business Studies Certificate.

Clelia’s intention is to further her studies and for that reason she takes a supplementary exam in June 1945 at the Istituto San Giuseppe in Turin which qualifies her to be enrolled in the second year of the Istituto Magistrale.  Having completed the second year, the detached headquarters of the Istituto Provvidenza in Susa is closed and Clelia has to continue her studies in Turin at the Istituto Domenico Berti.  In July 1948 she receives her Elementary Teacher’s diploma.  She immediately starts teaching in mountain villages and in towns in Valsusa, to become definitively registered in September 1955.

In parallel with her long career in education, Clelia has always been a passionate devotee of local history and the Salbertrand dialect, a Piedmont variant of the langue d’oc, and has published numerous literary works about the uses, customs and revival of local traditions.

Appreciated also as a poetess, she has received numerous marks of favour for her work as a historical researcher and authoress.


Clelia Baccon has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in her own translation into the Occitan variant of Salbertrand.
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