Cho Chul-Ho is a Korean doctor born in Seoul (South Korea) in 1955 who has lived in Italy since the middle of the eighties.  He obtained his degree from the faculty of Oriental Medicine at the Kyung Hee University of Seoul, internationally famous for acupuncture, and in 1989 from the faculty of Medicine at the University of Genoa.  In 1993, still at the University of Genoa and the San Martino Hospital in the same city, he specialised in endocrinology.  More recently, in 2008, he specialised in oxygen-ozone therapy at the chair of cardiology of the University of Siena.

Since 1983 he has practised acupuncture and oriental phytotherapy at Genoa and treats various pathologies with medicinal herbs.  He has been a lecturer at the Acupuncture Academy.

He teaches Zen meditation (Korean Maum meditation “for purification of mind and body”) ( at the Genoa meditation centre.  He has translated into Italian two books by the Korean master, Woo Myung, on the subject of meditation: The Mind and Let us go into the world of eternal happiness.


Chul Ho Cho has lent his voice to Ulysses and read the relevant verses (Hell, XXVI, 90-142) in the translation into Korean by Chung Noh-Young.
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