15 12, 2012

Introduction (Trieste dialect)

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At Dante’s birth the city of Trieste was still governed by its bishops as a consequence of the privilege granted about three centuries earlier (to be precise, in 948) to the Trieste bishop, Giovanni III, by Lothario II, the king of Provence and Italy.  The episcopal power  was, however, in crisis owing to the enormous costs of the continuous wars with the Republic of Venice, to such an extent that, in 1295, the bishop, Brissa de Toppo, formally renounced his last prerogatives and ceded the [...]

15 12, 2012

Stolfa – 1918

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Translation in terza rima in the dialect of Trieste by Giuseppe Stolfa (Trieste 1856 – 1932), limited to the first canto of the Inferno, published in 1918 in the review Umana of Trieste.