21 12, 2012

Philalethes – 1877

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Translation in blank verse by Philaletes, pseudonym of John of Saxony (Dresden 1801 – 1872), son of prince Maximilian of Saxony and princess Carolina di Parma, king of Saxony from 1854, man of letters and philologist. Edition published at Leipzig in 1877 (first edition limited to the Inferno 1833, of the entire Comedy 1849).

15 12, 2012

Wartburg – 2004

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Translation in blank verse by Walther von Wartburg (Riedholz 1988 – Basel 1971), Swiss linguist, professor of Romance philology at the University of Basel, author of an important etymological dictionary of the French language. Her wife Ida von Wartburg cooperated in the translation. Edition published in Zurich in 2004 (first edition 1963).