27 02, 2013

Introduction (Portuguese)

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We must assume that Dante’s knowledge of Portugal was slight. The Poet only speaks of it at one point of the Divine Comedy in the place which includes – ungenerously – among the bad Christian European monarchs the king Denis the Farmer (Dom Diniz o Lavrador) who reigned over Portugal from 1279 to 1325.

23 02, 2013

Barão da Villa da Barra – 1888

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Translation in blanc hendecasyllables by Francisco Bonifácio de Abreu (Barra 1819 — Rio de Janeiro 1887), baron [barão] of Vila da Barra, Brazilian physician, member of Parliament and poet. First edition published in Rio de Janeiro in 1888. Barão da Villa da Barra, 1888, Frontespizio Barão da Villa da Barra, 1888, incipit dell'Inferno