27 11, 2012

Introduction (Milanese)

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The first Milanese folksong that has reached us goes back to the days of Frederick Barbarossa and was written by the Humiliati of Brera, after the destruction of the city by the Emperor (1162). The words appear in the historical novel of Margherita Pusterla (1838) by Cesare Cantù: «Come diruto Mediolano – de Barbarossa com la mano. – Li militi se botano a Maria – ke laudata sia». Dante mentions the terrible destruction of Milan in Purgatory when, having arrived in the circle of the [...]

15 11, 2012

Porta – 1803-1805

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Carlo Porta (Milano 1775 – there 1821) was the greatest poet of the Milanese dialect and his essays of translation of the Divine Comedy deserve a special mention indeed. Porta, more or less freely, translated five cantos of the Inferno partly in six-line stanzas and partli in octaves, and did that in the years between 1803 and 1805