27 11, 2012

Introduction (Japanese)

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Dante can only have had very vague notions about the countries in the Far East.  Apart from anything else, although a contemporary of Marco Polo (1254 – 1324), the poet must have had very little interest in the latter’s travels and the related tales in Milione, tales which Dante perhaps found hardly credible despite the interest which they had aroused in people’s collective imagination at the time.[1] As for Japan, then, it is not surprising that it is never mentioned in Dante’s works; in his [...]

20 11, 2012

Nogami – 1980

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Translation of the entire poem by Soichi Nogami (Tokyo 1910 – 2001), professor of Italian literature at the university of Kyoto from 1947 and at the catholic università of Tokyo from 1973, author of an Italian grammar and an Italian-Japanese dictionary, founder of the Institute of Italian studies and of the Dante Alighieri Association at Kyoto.