27 11, 2012

Introduction (French)

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In the Divine Comedy France is often cited by means of frequent references to the political events in France in Dante’s time and to the historical events occurring in the immediately preceding centuries.  However, Dante did not have much sympathy for the political personalities in France in his time nor, even less, for the French royal family for which he had a cordial and immovable dislike which reached unusual heights in the case of Philippe Le Bel. On the other hand Dante greatly appreciated the [...]

27 11, 2012

Risset – 1992 (en)

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Translation in blank verse by the poet and literary critic Jacqueline Risset (Besançon 1936 – Rome 2014), Professor of French literature at the university of Roma Tre. Edition published at Paris in 1992 (first edition of Inferno 1985). Jacqueline Risset’s translation of the Divine Comedy, the most appreciated in France, contributed enormously to making Dante known and loved in the French-speaking world.

26 11, 2012

Artaud de Montor – 1925 (en)

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Prose translation by Alexis-François Artaud De Montor (Paris 1772 – 1849), ambassador in Italy, at Rome and Florence, at the beginning of the XIX century. Edition published in Paris in 1925 (first edition 1811-1813). Illustrated by Yan’ Dargent (1824-1899), Breton painter.