10 01, 2020

Introduction (Arabic)

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A page of Almagest in Arabic Dante did not speak Arabic and could not have been familiar with mediaeval Arab-Islamic literature which in his day had had no contact with mediaeval Christian culture.  However, there were at that time important, reciprocally influential relationships across the Arab and Christian world in the fields of scientific and philosophical output: the Arabic contribution by the 12th century had become to all intents and purposes a part of western culture and scientific knowledge. So Dante knew something [...]

28 10, 2012

Osman – 1988 (en)

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Translation of Hassan Osman (Cairo 1909), professor at the university of Cairo. Edition of Hell [al-Giaḥīm] published at Cairo in 1988 (first ed. 1959). Illustrated by Gustave Doré.

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