Anna Lenardon was born in 1995 and lives in Udine where today (2013) she is attending the last year of the liceo classico high school.  In her free time she works as a tourist guide in Valvasone, a small mediaeval town near to Casarsa.  She likes this work a great deal because it puts her into contact with ever new people whose questions spur her on to find out ever more about the mediaeval history of her town.  She also works as a volunteer with the “Il Noce” association of San Giovanni di Casarsa where she helps children with learning difficulties to do their homework.

The area around Casarsa is the cradle of the western Friuli language.  Even Pier Paolo Pasolini spoke the Friulian of Casarsa, his mother’s birthplace, in whose cemetery the  great poet and producer is today laid to rest.

At home Anna Lenardon does indeed speak western Friulian.  The Divine Comedy has been translated into this variant of Friuli by Ermes Culòs and Anna Lenardon has read the verses of Paolo and Francesca for Dantepoliglotta in this translation.  On the other hand her literature teacher in the Udine liceo classico, Olga Maieron, has read the same verses for Dantepoliglotta in the translation by Domenico Zannier in the other variant of Friuli, the one spoken in the mountain region of Carnia.


Anna Lenardon has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in the translation into Friulian by Ermes Culòs.
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