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25 04, 2021

The Divine Comedy told to children by Annamaria Piccione

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“It was sunset. On earth, men and animals were preparing to rest, while I began my incredible journey ”. With these words Dante begins to tell his adventure to the children who will read Annamaria Piccione's book.

10 04, 2021

Hripsime Rita Mkrtĉjan

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Hripsime  Rita Mkrtĉjan was born in the town of Erevan (Armenia) in 1954.  She studied in the Erevan Polytechnic University.  She worked as an engineer specialising in the science of energy in one of the energy institutes in Erevan.  For many years she led a department of that institute. Among her hobbies are journalism, music, theatre and poetry.  From time to time she writes articles in town newspapers.  She studied Esperanto in 1977.  She took part in various Esperanto meetings and World Congresses up to [...]

3 04, 2021

ENGLISH – Jane Edwards

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Prior to joining Yale University, where she serves as dean of the Center for International and Professional Experience, Jane Edwards served as dean of Harvard University's new Directorate for International Studies, where she launched an ambitious experience program international for graduating students. She played a similar role for ten years at Wesleyan University, where she also led a program related to less frequently taught languages ​​and served as a lecturer in the Romance philology department. She was born in Wales, she earned her BA and [...]

2 04, 2021

Farideh Mahdavi Damghani

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Farideh Mahdavi Damghani is an Iranian lady of letters and a translator, born in 1963 in Teheran where she lives with her husband and three children. Right from the start she was taught by her father, a lecturer in Persian and Arab literature at the University of Teheran, to appreciate literature and the classics, European as well as Persian.  So it was that, right from the age of nine, Farideh began to read works such as the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Book of the [...] Aktif Adresmariogame.netTipobet Güncel Girişsahabet giriştarafbet girişmatadorbet girişBedava Deneme Bonusuhack forumXumabetrestbetbetpas