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31 01, 2015

Venuti – 2015

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Aurelio Venuti Translation into Friulian in terza rima of the entire poem by Aurelio Venuti (Reana, Ud., 1945), Friulian man of letters, philologist and translator. Edition in three volumes published at Udine in 2015. Covers illustrated by Marta Venuti. Tu reach the blog of the translator (in Friulian) click here. Copertina dell'Inferno Copertina del Purgatorio Copertina del Paradiso Incipit dell'Inferno

7 01, 2015

Luisa Gastaldo and Massimo Somaglino read Francesca’s and Ulysses’ verses in the Friulian translation of Pierluigi Visintin

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The beautiful Friulian translation in tercets of Hell by Pierluigi Visintin appeared at Udine in 2011. Two Friulian actors read Francesca's and Ulysses' verses of this version.