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17 04, 2014

Lui, lei e… Io n’esco

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Gianni Mantesi, Grazia Migneco Lui, lei e... Io n'esco Milano, Spazio Sipario, 1996 To see the web page dedicated to Grazia Migneco, click here. To see the web page dedicated to Gianni Mantesi, click here.

13 04, 2014

Francesca and Ulysses read by a historic couple in Italian theatre

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Grazia Migneco and Gianni Mantesi are a historic couple in Italian theatre.  They met in 1950 when on the stage of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan.  Cupid was the great producer, Giorgio Strehler, also very young at that time, who wanted them both to be in the cast of Shakespeare’s “Richard III” for the 1949-50 theatre season.  Grazia Migneco, at that time a twenty-year-old, took the part of the little Prince of Wales wearing men’s clothing.  Gianni Mantesi, five years older, who had made his [...]

11 04, 2014

Elio Aldrighetti

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Elio Aldrighetti is an Italian songwriter and actor. Theatrically, he has taken part in the Spoleto Festival as an actor, singer and co-author of texts in the show Nothing but Music, in which he also had occasion to do a duet with Giora Feidman (the clarinettist in Schindler’s List). Spotted by the late, lamented, Giulio Bosetti, the actor, producer and director of the Carcano Theatre of Milan, he joined the company directed by him and remained there for some years, touring most of the Italian [...]

10 04, 2014

Tano Avanzato

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Tano Avanzato, born in 1957 in Campobello di Licata (Agrigento), is a Sicilian ballad-singer.  He started this occupation in 1991 when he founded, together with his wife Erminia Terranova, the popular song group Zabara.  He has to his name hundreds of concerts which he has staged in various centres of Sicily, other regions in the south and in Lombardy, as well as in France, England and the United States. In 2002 he won the prize “Memorial Rosa Balistreri” for the song Malarazza. He is especially [...]

5 04, 2014

The poem “Ulysses” of Umberto Saba

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Umberto Saba (Trieste, 1883-1957) was one of the major Italian poets of the 20th century. In the poem “Ulysses”, published in the collection Mediterranee of 1946, he is «the questing seeker, derived from the heroic figure in the twenty-sixth canto of Dantes Inferno, committed to a lifelong pursuit of self-knowledge»[1]. Ulisse Nella mia giovinezza ho navigato lungo le coste dalmate. Isolotti a fior d'onda emergevano, ove raro un uccello sostava intento a prede, coperti d'alghe, scivolosi, al sole belli come smeraldi. Quando l'alta marea e la notte li annullava, [...]

3 04, 2014

Rubén Conti

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Born in Corrientes, Argentina, in 1950, Rubén Conti took his degree in pharmacy at the University of Buenos Aires.  During his university years he got to know Magdalena, his co-student on the occasion of the examination in botany.  It was a coup de foudre and so Magdalena and Rubén were married in 1974 and are still happily together. Rubén worked for a time in the pharmaceutical industry in the Argentine capital after which, in 1981, he joined his parents in New York where he worked for some [...]

3 04, 2014

Transcription in Latin characters of Ulysses in Korean

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Dante, Hell, Canto XXVI, vv. 90-142 ——- Traduzione in coreano di Chung Noh-Young – Trascrizione in caratteri latini Translation into Korean by Chung Noh-Young – Transcription in Latin characters Traduko en la korea de Chung Noh-Young – Transskribo en latinaj literoj —— Per ascoltare la lettura di Chul-Ho Cho cliccate qui sotto To listen to the reading of Chul-Ho Cho click here below Por aŭskulti la legadon de Chul-Ho Cho alklaku ĉi sube ------- "naega k'irŭk'e k'yŏt'ŭl ttŏnassŭl ttaeyŏtta. kŭnyŏnŭn narŭl illyŏn isangina ka’et’a kŭnch’ŏe putchabaduŏtta. ajik [...] Aktif Adresmariogame.netTipobet Güncel Girişsahabet giriştarafbet girişmatadorbet girişBedava Deneme Bonusuhack forumXumabetrestbetbetpas