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27 03, 2014

Dante’s Ulysses translated into Latin heksameters

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In order to better launch the new “Ulysses Project” of our web-site we devised the idea to present a pleasant surprise to our visitors:  the story of Ulysses’ last journey contained in canto XXVI of Hell, as it was translated into Latin heksameters by Giuseppe Pasquale Marinelli, a humanist native of the region Marches (Camerano 1793-1875) who translated into Latin the entire Comedy of Dante and published it at Ancona in 1874. Dante, Hell, Canto XXVI, verses 90-142 Latin translation by Giuseppe Pasquale Marinelli For the [...]

27 03, 2014

the voice of Susanna Kwon, Korean opera singer

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Susanna Kwon, a Korean soprano living in Italy since 1995, read for Dantepoliglotta Francesca da Rimini’s verses in the Korean translation of Chung Noh-Young.  You can listen to her voice here, not only in that poetical reading, but also in two beautiful Korean folksongs.  Furthermore, Susanna Kwon will sing in the near future the aria “Paolo datemi pace” (Paolo give me peace), from Riccardo Zandonai’s opera Francesca da Rimini, for the visitors of this web-site. In order to see the page and listen to the voice of Susanna [...]

19 03, 2014

Transcription in Latin characters of a Korean text

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Dante, Hell, Canto V, vv. 88-142 ------- Traduzione in coreano di Chung Noh-Young – Trascrizione in caratteri latini Translation into Korean by Chung Noh-Young – Transcription in Latin characters Traduko en la korea de Chung Noh-Young – Transskribo en latinaj literoj ------- Per ascoltare la lettura di Susanna Kwon cliccate qui sotto To listen to the reading of Susanna Kwon click here below Por aŭskulti la legadon de Susanna Kwon alklaku ĉi sube ------- “o, sangnyanghago ch’injŏrhasin bun, tangsinŭn hyŏnserŭl p’iro tŏrŏphin uridŭrŭi ch’ajasŏ [...]

13 03, 2014

Gianni Mantesi

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Gianni Mantesi, the stage name for Giovan Battista Marchesini, was an Italian stage and dubbing actor born in Rome in 1924.  He lived in Milan with his colleague and wife, Grazia Migneco. He passed away on September 11th  2014. He attended the Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome and, at the same time, the Faculty of Letters at La Sapienza University.  In the university drama company, at the Ateneo Theatre, he had his first experience with Giulietta Masina, Anna Proclemer, Ennio de Concini and then [...]

8 03, 2014

Introduction (Persian)

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Several centuries before Dante’s birth, in the Sassanid era (perhaps around 550 AD), there had appeared the Book of Ardā Virāf (“Artāy Virāp Nāmak”), a Zoroastrian religious text written in the Persian language of that period (Pahlavi), describing the journey of a pious priest, guided by two angels, on his visit to the kingdoms of the other world: Limbo, the “four paradises” (those of the stars, the moon, the sun and the supreme Being), then finally to the nether regions.  Several students have been struck [...]

5 03, 2014

Jacqueline Risset reads Francesca da Rimini in her French translation (February 2014)

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Jacqueline Risset, a famous and celebrated translator of the Divine Comedy into French, has graciously accepted our invitation that she herself read Francesca’s verses in her translation.  We thank her for that. This reading of hers is, besides, a complete novelty because it takes account of a few small, recent alterations which have not yet been published by her.  The reading was recorded on February 21, 2014. Jacqueline Risset, who has published a biography of Dante and is about to send to the printers a [...] Aktif Adresmariogame.netTipobet Güncel Girişsahabet giriştarafbet girişmatadorbet girişBedava Deneme Bonusuhack forumXumabetrestbetbetpas