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28 12, 2013

Humphrey Tonkin

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Humphrey Tonkin was born in the UK (Truro, Cornwall, 1939) and moved to the United States as a graduate student.  He holds an undergraduate degree in English from Cambridge University and a a Ph.D. from Harvard University.  For many years he taught English literature at the University of Pennsylvania. He also served as visiting professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University.  In 1983 he was appointed president of the State University of New York at Potsdam and in 1988 became president of the [...]

27 12, 2013

Giuliano Turone

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Giuliano Turone, the author responsible for this Dantepoliglotta website, was born at Santa Margherita Ligure in 1940 and lives in Milan.  He is a magistrate of the Italian Republic, now retired.  To see a brief professional biography click here. His creation of this website, begun in 2012, is just the latest milestone on a complex personal journey which, over and above the demands of a judicial career, has been strongly characterised by three passions.  The first two are the passion for languages and dialects and the passion for [...]

21 12, 2013

Makatayev – 2010

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Mukagali Makatajev Translation of the Hell in tercets by Mukagali Makatayev (Karasaz 1931 - Almaty 1976), Kazakh writer, poet and translator. The translation was completed in 1971 and remained unpublished for a long time. It is rhymed, non according to the Dantean metre. Edition published at Almaty in 2010. Copertina del volume Frontespizio Incipit dell'Inferno --oooOooo--    

21 12, 2013

Dante and Mexico

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Manuel María Flores (Puebla 1840 – Mexico City 1885), Mexican writer and politician of the Liberal party, was one of the greatest poets of Mexican Romanticism.  He translated into Spanish the episode of Francesca da Rimini and even wrote some poems in which some reminiscences of Dante can be found. [...] [continued] ------- Click here to read under the entry "Messico" in Enciclopedia Dantesca (in Italian). ------- Click here for more information about Manuel María Flores (in Spanish). -------

21 12, 2013

Kops – 1930

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Translation in blank hendecasyllables by  Christinus Kops, Dutch friar of the Order of Friars Minor. First edition in three volumes published in Utrecht in 1930. Engravings signed “Eyck 27” and three colored tables of unknown author.   Kops, 1930, Frontespizio   Kops, 1930, Incipit dell'Inferno   Kops, 1930, Incisione di 'Eyck 27'   Kops, 1930, tavola fuori testo dell'Inferno

16 12, 2013

Argentina. Jorgelina is the daughter of a mother ‘desaparecida’

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The first story to be presented in the human rights corner of Dantepoliglotta is an episode of the Argentinian desaparecidos tragedy.  Jorgelina was born at Rosario in August 1973. She was only one year old when her father, a clandestine militant,  was shot.  When she was three and a half years old, her mother was kidnapped by the Argentinian paramilitaries in the rented apartment where they lived in Lanús, province of Buenos Aires, then she remained desaparecida forever. Jorgelina was with her when they took her off.  The baby was deprived of [...]

16 12, 2013

Text of the verses read by Jorgelina Paula Molina Planas

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Verses of Francesca da Rimini translated into Spanish by the Argentinian poet Bartolomé Mitre (Dante, Hell, verses 88-142) - Reading of Jorgelina Paula Molina Planas (click here below to listen) ------- «¡Oh, ser tan bondadoso, que buscas al través del aire impío las víctimas de un mundo sanguinoso! Si Dios escucha nuestro ruego pío, por tu paz rogaremos en buen hora, pues que te apiada nuestro mal sombrío. Y pues oír y hablar tu voz implora te hablaremos prestándote el oído, mientras el [...]

16 12, 2013

More information on Human Rights

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Text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Amnesty International ------- Other links: Nietos, historias con identidad - Jorgelina Paula Molina Planas (TV Pública - Argentina - 2012). Web site of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo: