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27 06, 2013

Maria Gabriella Giacinto

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Maria Gabriella Giacinto was born in Rome and lives there.  She has been a member of the professional register of journalists since 2001.  She works for Labor TV as a film and cutting room technician but has also been responsible for debt collection, editing graphics and, a strong Roman accent notwithstanding, has been a radio announcer.  She is pathologically fond of cats.  She has performed the role of photographic director of Anna Vinci’s television documentary about Tina Anselmi which was broadcast on the RAI3 Italian national [...]

26 06, 2013

Ritvana Gjura

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Ritvana Gjura is an Albanian Student from Shkodër.  She is 16 years old (in 2014) and attends the eleventh grade of the language lycée “Shejnaze Juka” in Shkodër.  She is studying drama and her passion is the theatre, cinema and anything involving acting.   For this reason she has willingly accepted the task of reading the verses of Francesca da Rimini in Albanian and she has done it not only in audio but also in video.  She declares that reciting “makes her feel better” and makes [...]

26 06, 2013

SPANISH – Cristina Gimeno

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Cristina Gimeno Blas was born in Calatayud (Spain) and grew up in Daroca, then moved to Saragossa and, finally, to Valencia where she took her degree in psychology. In 1989 she moved to Italy, at Ivrea, the town where, at that time, Olivetti was still in business. There she found work as a translator and interpreter as well as a personnel training officer. This drove her to deepen her knowledge of the Italian language and to start to study Hispanic philology which, after some years, [...]

24 06, 2013

Igor Grčko

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Igor Grčko is a Croatian musician and theatre director whose professional training took place at Fiume (Rijeka) where he graduated on the violin in 1980 at the local Music School in Zagreb where he attended the Academy of Dramatic Art.  For many years he has lived and worked in Rome where he runs the drama school Centro Formazione Attori ( and where he has presented many theatrical shows characterised by innovative and avant-garde creativity. What are particularly interesting, in this context, are his interpretations of Ionesco’s plays [...]