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30 06, 2013

Gabriella Franchini

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Gabriella Franchini is an Italian actress.  She started her professional career in the Teatro Stabile in Turin with the Greek tragedy “Electra” by Sophocles.  She has spent a long time in theatrical activities of a rich and varied nature: Elizabethan theatre, Aristophanes, Dario Fo, Eduardo de Filippo, Maupassant, Elias Canetti, Bontempelli, Bob Wilson, Adriana Asti.   For years she has collaborated with Franca Valeri under whose direction she has toured for a long time with the monologue La bruttina Stagionata  (“The Ugly Oldish Woman”) based on [...]

29 06, 2013

Luisa Gastaldo

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Luisa Gastaldo was born in 1958 at Tarcento and lives in Buja (in the region Friuli). She has a deep bond of friendship with the memory of Pierluigi Visintin and with his wife Alessandra. She works in the field of environmental education in schools in the region as well as in her “Orto del tasso barbasso” (“Garden of the great mullein”), where she organizes annual meetings entitled Orto-grafie. Poetiche tra le aromatiche (“Garden lexicons. Rhyme amongst the sage and thyme”.) She has published the volumes of poetry La [...]

28 06, 2013

Laura Ghio

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Laura Ghio lives and works in Genoa where for many years she has been busy with economics, ports and transport, firstly within the Economics Faculty and now with the Genoa Port Authority as the person responsible for strategic planning.  For many years she has had a passion for the theatre which has been developed since taking courses organised by Enrico Campanati.  Since 2002, favouring amateur dialect plays, she has created projects and performances with the Piesintöa company (Teatro a Tavola) which, together with traditional theatrical offerings, [...] Aktif Adresmariogame.netTipobet Güncel Girişsahabet giriştarafbet girişmatadorbet girişBedava Deneme Bonusuhack forumXumabetrestbetbetpas