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28 10, 2012

Babler and Zahradníček – 1952

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Jan Alois Zahradníček Otto František Babler Translation in terza rima by Otto František Babler (Zenica 1901 – Olomouc 1984), Czech polyglot and translator of Bosnian origin, and Jan Zahradníček (Mastník 1905 – Vlčatín 1960), one of the main Czech poets of the 20th century. First edition published in Prague in 1952. The name of Jan Zahradníček, victim of political persecution by the communist regime of that time, was omitted in both this edition and the following ones, although his contribution to [...]

28 10, 2012

Ghazikian – 1926 (en)

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Translation in western Armenian by Arsenio Ghazikian (Bardizag, Turkey, 1870 – Padova 1932), Mekhitarist friar at the Monastery of San Lazzaro degli Armeni (Venice). Edition of the Inferno published in Venice (San Lazzaro degli Armeni) in 1926 (first edition 1902). Frontespizio dell’Inferno Incipit dell’Inferno

28 10, 2012

Osman – 1988 (en)

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Translation of Hassan Osman (Cairo 1909), professor at the university of Cairo. Edition of Hell [al-Giaḥīm] published at Cairo in 1988 (first ed. 1959). Illustrated by Gustave Doré.