Roberta Nanni, having studied theatre for 4 years (she is a graduate of the Acting Center in Milan), has embarked on a career as an actress, principally in theatre and television.  She says of herself that she fell in love with Beckett, Shakespeare and Terron when studying theatre, having already been in love with Dante while in high school.  She has established herself also as a scriptwriter (with a couple of prizes for this work) and as the author of the content of television programmes which she conducted.  She is an active founding member of the Associazione Sagome Teatro (courses of theatre and speech at Milan).  Roberta Nanni talks of it with enthusiasm: “We hold courses of drama, diction, Indian dance and, from time to time, we founders manage simply to go on stage so as not to lose our compass and in order to rediscover our central passion”.

Roberta Nanni has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and has read in Italian the original verses of Dante.  She did it in two different manners.  The first reading follows the scheme of  a merely expressive reading. To listen to that, click here below, on the first string:

The second reading, more complex and refined, is a more theatrical reading.  To listen to it, click here below: