The voices of Francesca

Olga Maieron

Olga Maieron was born in Paluzza (Udine) in 1958 and, after receiving her Liceo Classico (high school) diploma at Udine, took her classics degree at the University of Trieste in 1984 with a thesis in Greek paleography.  In the same year she also obtained a diploma in archival studies, paleography and diplomatics at the Trieste Record Office.  She is a teacher of Greek and Latin in the Liceo Classico Stellini  of Udine since 1989.

For seven years she was a supervisor of apprenticeships at the Scuola di Specializzazione per l’Insegnamento Secondario (“school of specialisation in secondary teaching”) in the University of Udine.  At the same university she obtained a master’s degree in specific learning problems.  In addition, she has curated the didactic parts of a Latin literature text for high schools and has recently published, together with Prof. Albarea of the University of Udine, an article about Seneca and didactics.

For many years she has been busy with the transcription of documents dealing with the lawsuits against Hebrews and Judaizers as part of a team at the University of Udine.  An enthusiast for Greek studies and Graeco-Latin philosophy and poetry, she follows the organisation of courses in Modern Greek in collaboration with the Trieste Foundation for Greek Culture.

She does not forget her Friuli linguistic roots, especially the variant spoken in the Carnia mountains: she is registered in the roll of lecturers on the Friuli language in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, she has curated editions of stories in Friuli and, by organizing a group of readers from the Liceo Classico where she teaches, has taken part in the “continuous”reading of the Bible in Friuli, which happened in 2010.


Olga Maieron has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in the translation into Friulian by Domenico Zannier.

To listen to this reading click here below:

In order to read the verses while you are listening to the reading, click here and operate the audio file from the text page.


Carnia. The Valley of Tolmezzo from Mt. Zoncolan

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