The voices of Francesca

Liliana Palermo

Born in Naples, Liliana Palermo lives and works there.  Having finished her university studies she dedicated herself to her first love: the theatre, which is her present professional activity.  The transition from the theatre to television and the cinema has been brief and as such has been guided by producers such as  Gabriele Lavia, Federico Fellini, Romolo Siena and others.  She has taken part in various television and radio productions.  She has written stories and theatrical scripts both in Italian and in the vernacular.  Having the gift of fantasy and creativity, she began to write poems at the age of nine and, when seventeen, after a few guitar lessons, started to write songs.  Some of her poems are in various anthologies amongst which are “Poeti Napoletani I” and “Poeti Napoletani II” edited by Loffredo.

Her name is to be found in the Nuova Enciclopedia Illustrata della Canzone Napoletana (the New Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Neapolitan song) curated by the journalist and critic Pietro Gargano.  She was the wife of the musician Austin Forte “the Italian golden trumpet” and for years directed his concerts and various shows; with him she also produced the disc Napoli versi e musica (“Naples in verse and music”) and it was Austin Forte himself (a musician and painter) who, having become aware of her versatility, steered her towards the art of painting.  She has figured in interesting exhibitions and the sea is her constant source of inspiration.


Liliana Palermo has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in the translation into Neapolitan by Nazario Napoli Bruno.
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