Grazia Migneco, an Italian stage and dubbing actress, was born in Milan in 1929 and attended Paolo Grassi’s school when it still was not known as the Little Theatre (Piccolo Teatro) of Milan.  Very soon she was called to RAI, Italy’s radio and television service, where she remained for five years in the section devoted to prose under the direction of Enzo Ferrieri.  In that same period, between the end of the forties and the beginning of the fifties, she took part in six shows put on by the Little Theatre, all produced by Giorgio Strehler.  In 1952 she married the actor Gianni Mantesi with whom she still lives in Milan.

In the course of her career Grazia Migneco has also worked with the Ruzante Theatre in Padua (with Gianfranco De Bosio), with the Three Venices Theatre, with the Saint Erasmus Theatre and with the Volonghi-Buazzelli-Lionello company, always in significant roles.

After some years, during which she chose to devote herself to her family which had increased in the mean time, she went back to the stage, working with Franco Parenti at the Pierlombardo Theatre, now called the Franco Parenti Theatre, where she remained continuously for twelve years up to the death of the producer, even though she subsequently also took part in a play now and again.

She has taught the comic theatre courses for some years in the C.T.A. school (Centre for Active Theatre) of Milan run by Nicoletta Ramorino.

For years she has been a part of the company of independent theatre, founded in the eighties by her husband, Gianni Mantesi, who runs it, together with actors of proven experience such as Enrico Bertorelli, Maurizio Scattorini, Augusto Di Bono, Nicoletta Ramorino and others.  In particular, starting in the nineties, Grazia Migneco and Gianni Mantesi worked frequently as a couple in short but pregnant shows such as Una coppia di single (“A couple of single people”) by Carlo Terron (drawn from the diaries of Leo Tolstoy and his wife), and Lui, lei e… io n’esco (a pun on the name of the playwright, meaning “Him, her… and I am off”), a mosaic of extracts about married life, extrapolated from the works of Eugène Ionesco, inspired by an idea of Mario Mattia Giorgetti.

Grazia Migneco has also worked in much radio and television and also a lot as a dubbing actress.  She still does a little dubbing as well as radio and television advertising.


Grazia Migneco has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the concerning original verses de Dante (Hell, Canto V, verses 88-142).

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To see the entire play Lui, lei e… Io n’esco, with Grazia Migneco and Gianni Mantesi (in Italian), click here