The voices of Francesca

Gisella Vacca

Gisella Vacca is a naturally versatile singer, an actress of the theatre and the cinema, a theatrical producer, and an authoress.  She studies singing as a soprano with Signora Lucia Cappellino and Maestro Roberto Coviello, becoming a second level graduate from the Conservatorio Pier Luigi da Palestrina in Cagliari where she also graduated at the second level from the Scuola di Didattica della Musica.  At the same time she trains by means of national and international courses run by important actors and producers, amongst whom are Elio de Capitani, Gabriele Vacis, Claudio Morganti, Remondi and Caporossi, Jean-Paul Denizon, Tapa Sudana and Theodoros Terzopoulos.


Gisella Vacca has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in the translation into Logudorese Sardinian (area of Barbagia) by Paolo Monni.
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In order to read the verses while you are listening to the reading, click here and operate the audio file from the text page.


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