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//Persiano (Farsi)
8 03, 2014

Introduction (Persian)

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Several centuries before Dante’s birth, in the Sassanid era (perhaps around 550 AD), there had appeared the Book of Ardā Virāf (“Artāy Virāp Nāmak”), a Zoroastrian religious text written in the Persian language of that period (Pahlavi), describing the journey of a pious priest, guided by two angels, on his visit to the kingdoms of the other world: Limbo, the “four paradises” (those of the stars, the moon, the sun and the supreme Being), then finally to the nether regions.  Several students have been struck [...]

8 03, 2014

Mahdavi-Damghani – 2000

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Verse translation by Farideh Mahdavi-Damghani (Teheran 1963), Iranian poetess and woman of letters, tanslator of Giacomo Leopardi's Cantos as well. Edition in three volumes, published at Teheran in 2000. Various illustrations.

25 12, 2012

Shafa – 1957

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Translation by Shojaeddin Shafa (1918 – 2010), Iranian writer. First edition, in three volumes, published in 1957 at Teheran. Illustrated by Gustave Doré.