10 02, 2015

Introduction (Friulian)

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There is no mention of the region Friuli in the Divine Comedy, but Dante describes and classifies the Friulian language in De vulgari eloquentia (Part 1, X.6 and XI.6). He refers there to the Friulian people naming them Aquilegienses, since the Friulian town Aquileia, seat of a powerful patriarchate, was at that time the political, administrative, religious and cultural centre of a wide area of north-eastern Italy. The idea of a journey made by Dante into Friuli, a region which was certainly visited by many [...]

31 01, 2015

Venuti – 2015

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Aurelio Venuti Translation into Friulian in terza rima of the entire poem by Aurelio Venuti (Reana, Ud., 1945), Friulian man of letters, philologist and translator. Edition in three volumes published at Udine in 2015. Covers illustrated by Marta Venuti. Tu reach the blog of the translator (in Friulian) click here. Copertina dell'Inferno Copertina del Purgatorio Copertina del Paradiso Incipit dell'Inferno

7 02, 2013

Culòs – 2006

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Translation in terza rima by Ermes Culòs, Friulian from San Giovanni di Casarsa, emigrant in Canada, who translated into his native tongue a number of classics. This edition of the Hell, illustrated by Gustave Doré, was made accessible online in 2006,

24 01, 2013

Visintin – 2011

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Translation in tercets of Hell by Pierluigi Visintin (San Giorgio di Nogaro 1948-2008), Friulian writer and translator. Edition published at Udine in 2011.

26 12, 2012

Zannier – 1997

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Translation in blank verse of some cantos of the Divine Comedy by Domenico Zannier (Pontebba 1930), priest and poeto f Friulian-Ladin language. Edition published at Manzano in 1997. Illustrated by Max de Pelca (1926-2008).