The voices of Francesca

//The voices of Francesca
15 07, 2013

Yaiza Conti Ferreyra

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Yaiza Conti Ferreyra was born in New York on April 1st 1984.  At the age of five she moved to Buenos Aires where she lives to this day. She obtained a degree in drama at the National Arts Institute.  Her vocation as an actress began with a seminary of theatrical initiation in which she took part in 2002 after passing her secondary school diploma.  From then on she has participated, within the ambit of independent theatre, in various productions for adults and children such as, [...]

15 07, 2013

Alessandra Coronica

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Alessandra Coronica is a young Italian actress who lives in Rome and was trained at the Centro Formazione Attori (Central Training School for Actors) run by Igor Grčko.

10 07, 2013

Matilde Pierro Donnarumma

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Matilde Pierro Donnarumma was born in Naples in 1923 and is the great-niece of the editor Luigi Pierro, the owner of a prestigious Neapolitan publishing house which was operating during the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth.  The idea of translating the Divine Comedy into the Neapolitan vernacular came to her while she was still at the Vittorio Emanuele III high school for classical studies, thanks to her former Italian teacher who, besides frequently extolling the renown of [...]

8 07, 2013

Jane Edwards

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Prior to coming to Yale, where she serves as Dean of International and Professional Experience, Jane Edwards held the new position of Director of International Studies at Harvard, where she initiated an ambitious program of international experience for undergraduates. She served for ten years in a similar position at Wesleyan University, where she also ran a program in the less commonly taught languages, and taught for the department of Romance Languages. Born in Wales, she holds a B.A and an M.A in English from Cambridge [...]

7 07, 2013

Clara Farina

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Clara Farina is an actress, researcher and teacher from Sassari, actively involved since the seventies in an effort to recover and disseminate the Sardinian language. ------- Clara Farina has lent her voice to Francesca da Rimini and read the relevant verses (88-142) in the translation into Logudorese Sardinian by Pedru Casu. To listen to this reading click here below: In order to read the verses while you are listening to the reading, click here and operate the audio file from the text page. -------

5 07, 2013

Barbara Fässler

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Barbara Fässler is a Swiss artist who was born in Zurich in 1963 and who lives in Milan and Zurich.  She is a teacher of visual arts, design and art history in the Swiss School in Milan.  She graduated in contemporary art in the Villa Arson in Nice (Ecole Pilote Internationale d’Art et de Recherche – International Start-up School for Art and Research), where she took the DNSEP (“National Higher Diploma for Plastic Art”) as well as graduating in theoretical philosophy at the State University [...]

30 06, 2013

Gabriella Franchini

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Gabriella Franchini is an Italian actress.  She started her professional career in the Teatro Stabile in Turin with the Greek tragedy “Electra” by Sophocles.  She has spent a long time in theatrical activities of a rich and varied nature: Elizabethan theatre, Aristophanes, Dario Fo, Eduardo de Filippo, Maupassant, Elias Canetti, Bontempelli, Bob Wilson, Adriana Asti.   For years she has collaborated with Franca Valeri under whose direction she has toured for a long time with the monologue La bruttina Stagionata  (“The Ugly Oldish Woman”) based on [...]

29 06, 2013

Luisa Gastaldo

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Luisa Gastaldo was born in 1958 at Tarcento and lives in Buja (in the region Friuli). She has a deep bond of friendship with the memory of Pierluigi Visintin and with his wife Alessandra. She works in the field of environmental education in schools in the region as well as in her “Orto del tasso barbasso” (“Garden of the great mullein”), where she organizes annual meetings entitled Orto-grafie. Poetiche tra le aromatiche (“Garden lexicons. Rhyme amongst the sage and thyme”.) She has published the volumes of poetry La [...]

28 06, 2013

Laura Ghio

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Laura Ghio lives and works in Genoa where for many years she has been busy with economics, ports and transport, firstly within the Economics Faculty and now with the Genoa Port Authority as the person responsible for strategic planning.  For many years she has had a passion for the theatre which has been developed since taking courses organised by Enrico Campanati.  Since 2002, favouring amateur dialect plays, she has created projects and performances with the Piesintöa company (Teatro a Tavola) which, together with traditional theatrical offerings, [...]

27 06, 2013

Maria Gabriella Giacinto

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Maria Gabriella Giacinto was born in Rome and lives there.  She has been a member of the professional register of journalists since 2001.  She works for Labor TV as a film and cutting room technician but has also been responsible for debt collection, editing graphics and, a strong Roman accent notwithstanding, has been a radio announcer.  She is pathologically fond of cats.  She has performed the role of photographic director of Anna Vinci’s television documentary about Tina Anselmi which was broadcast on the RAI3 Italian national [...]