The voices of Francesca

//The voices of Francesca
27 07, 2013

BOLOGNESE – Mariangela Bacchi

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Mariangela Bacchi, the great-niece of the person who translated Dante’s poem into the Bologna dialect (and in tercets), has a degree in languages and descends from several generations of Bologna residents.  She has inherited from her family the passion for the study of dialects: her grandfather, Pietro Mainoldi, a doctor and dialectologist, is the author of the Bologna grammar (1950) and its dictionary (1967); her great-uncle, the goldsmith Giulio Veronese, is indeed the translator of the Divine Comedy (1937). A journalist, she has worked in [...]

26 07, 2013


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Salbertrand, August 1929 – in the Baccon household Clelia is born to mum, Maria, and dad, Vincenzo Baccon.  It is here that the future teacher grows up together with her sisters, Giuseppina and Luigina.  Notwithstanding the family’s agricultural activity, the young Clelia prefers to study, for which reason she attends classes in vocational agricultural training in Oulx before they are closed down: this is, in fact, a time of war. The need to complete her studies leads her to turn to a correspondence school, the [...]

24 07, 2013

GEORGIAN – Malkhaz Bakhbakhashvili

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Malkhaz Bakhbakhashvili was born in 1965 in Telavi, Georgia, is married and has two daughters. He lives in Italy, in Trieste, but often returns to Georgia.

24 07, 2013

MILANESE – Alma Brioschi

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Alma Brioschi was born in Milan in 1934 in a house in Via Scaldasole in the neighbourhood of the old historic centre of Porta Ticinese where the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre are close by.  An authentic native of Milan, she is completely bilingual in the sense that, apart from Italian, she speaks the traditional dialect of the Lombardy metropolis perfectly and is also an assiduous student of it.  In 1991 she started to attend the language and literature courses run by Claudio Beretta and [...]

23 07, 2013

RUMANIAN – Maria Butan

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Daughter of a music teacher, Maria Butan was born in Caransebeş, a mountain town in Rumania in the Banato region.  Music and poetry cradled her during childhood and her schooldays when she sang in choruses and won a few recitation competitions.  After university in Cluj she returned as a language teacher in Timişoara, the capital of Banato, where she taught French, initially in a lycée and subsequently in the faculty of philology.  During that time she organized French and Rumanian poetry events and literary evenings. [...]

21 07, 2013

Maria Camilleri

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Maria Camilleri was born at Zabbar, Malta, where she works as a teacher and an actress.  In the last ten years she has been busy as a broadcaster on Radio Hompesch, producing many programmes of a different nature, both for adults and children, particularly stressing on art, drama and the educational.  On this same radio station she took part in  various radio-plays, poetry recitals, story-telling and talk-shows, as well as in  a very popular quiz show for children.  Some of the radio-plays were written by [...]

20 07, 2013

Francesca Campogalliani

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Francesca Campogalliani was born in Mantua in 1946, has a literature degree and has taught in the high schools of her city, but her name is linked in particular to the history and the theatre tradition of Mantua.

18 07, 2013

Maddalena Capalbi

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Maddalena Capalbi was born in Rome and lives in Milan since 1973. She writes poetry both in Italian and in the Roman dialect. Her last collection of poems in Italian was published at Milan in 2011 by La Vita Felice with the title Nessuno sa quando il lupo sbrana (“Nobody knows when the wolf mangles”). We reproduce here the cover of her collection of poems in the dialect of Rome Arivojo tutto (“I want everything back”) published by LietoColle, Como, 2009. The Roman dialect translation of the verses on [...]

17 07, 2013

Lia Careddu

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Lia Careddu, an actress from the Sardinian Teatro Stabile, involved for years in research into various theatrical languages, has worked for thirty years in Sardinia’s regional territory at a national and international level, to bring to the stage a repertory of classical and contemporary authors by various means: theatre, cinema, television and radio.  She is also involved in teaching in various interdisciplinary activities designed to train young people. She took part in the performance of the drama “Su Inferru” (“The Hell”), based on the translation into the [...]

16 07, 2013

Nadia Cibrario

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Nadia Cibrario was born in Turin and lives in Rubiana, a small town not far from the Piedmont capital, but still nestled in the mountains of the Val di Susa, the birthplace of Nadia’s mother.  In Rubiana Nadia Cibrario, valuably aided by her husband, runs the farm called Il Rododendro where, amongst other things, an excellent honey is made.  The couple married in 2003 and have a ten-year old daughter called Giada.  Nadia Cibrario’s great passion is singing and it often happens that she is [...]