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13 02, 2016

Friuli and the Divine Comedy

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Dante refers to the Friulian people naming them "Aquilegienses" since the town Aquileia was at his time the political, religious and cultural centre of the region. Due probably to that cultural environment, the fate of Dante’s poem in Friuli was quite prompt, so that the most ancient Friulian library, the "Guarneriana" of San Daniele, preserves one of the most ancient illuminated manuscripts of the poem. Furthermore, the Friulian language boasts several translations of the Divine Comedy, two of them complete and in terza rima. [...]

11 02, 2016

Friulano – Venuti

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Verses of Francesca da Rimini translated into Friulian by Aurelio Venuti

10 02, 2016

Friulano – Venuti

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Verses of Ulysses translated into Friulian by Aurelio Venuti Hell, Canto XXVI, 90-142

6 02, 2016

FRIULIAN – Aurelio Venuti

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Aurelio Venuti Aurelio Venuti was born in Reana del Rojale (Udine) in 1945; he took his degree in Literature and for 40 years taught in schools in Friuli. Right from his schooldays he worked out a very personal way of reading the classics which consists of translating texts into other known languages while remaining faithful to the meter and stylistic features of the originals. In this way he studied Greek lyrical poetry, Homerian poems and the Latin poets, reworking them into Latin, Italian [...]

3 12, 2015

Ilyushin – 2008

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Translation in blank hendecasyllables by Aleksandr A. Ilyushin (b. 1940), Russian historian, man of letters, translator and poet. Edition published at Moscow in 2008 (first edition 1995).

11 11, 2015

Ulysses tells his shipwreck in Sicilian vernacular

By | November 11th, 2015|News of the month, The novelties of the month|0 Comments

Tano Avanzato and his wife Erminia Terranova are two Sicilian ballad-singers and founded together the popular song group Zabara in 1991.  They have to his name hundreds of concerts which they have staged in Italy and abroad. Tano Avanzato has willingly accepted to read Ulysses' verses (Hell, XXVI, 90-142) for Dantepoliglotta, in the Sicilian translation of Giovanni Girgenti.... To read more and listen to the reading of Ulysses' verses in Sicilian, see the web-page of Tano Avanzato: click here. See also the web-page of Erminia Terranova and listen to [...]

10 11, 2015

RUSSIAN – Anastasia Vilkova

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Anastasia Vilkova was born in Astrakhan, one of the principal cities in the south of European Russia on the Volga river. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Modern Letters in the University of Astrakhan where she specialised in linguistic history with particular emphasis on old Russian. Currently she is in charge of editing a newspaper for young men to whom she is teaching journalism in a workshop for art and culture which has been expressly dedicated to them. ------- Anastasia Vilkova has lent [...]

1 11, 2015

Dante’s Ulysses and Tennyson’s Ulysses

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Humphrey Tonkin lends his voice to Ulysses in two dramatic monologues: Cary’s translation of Dante’s verses and Tennyson’s original poem.

22 10, 2015

SPANISH – Pedro Reula Baquero

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Pedro Reula Baquero is a Spanish musician born in Saragossa who teaches viola da gamba at the Federico Moreno Torroba conservatory in Madrid. He travels all over Spain and often goes to other countries such as France, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Mexico and more to give concerts of baroque music with the group “Músicos de Su Alteza” with which he has also made many CDs for Alpha and other CD producers. He also founded the Delyre baroque chamber music orchestra. Apart from pursuing [...]

16 10, 2015

Reading of Francesca da Rimini’s verses in the new Ukrainian translation by Maksim Strikha

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Reading voice of Halyna Yavorska