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27 04, 2015

The first Russian translation of Francesca’s verses

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Dmitry Yegorovich Min was the first Russian translator to attempt Dante, although his verse translation of the whole of the Divine Comedy was only published posthumously, in 1907. The verses about Francesca da Rimini were, however, published far earlier in 1843, in the literary periodical Moskvitjanin.

25 04, 2015

Dante and Hungary

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When Dante Alighieri and Charles Martel of Anjou met in Florence and became friends, the year 1294 was unfolding.  Dante was 29 years old, while the young prince, son of the king of Naples, Charles II, and Maria Árpád of Hungary, was 23 years old and was at the time the king of Hungary, even if only in name and not in fact. The circumstances leading up to the meeting of Charles Martel with Dante are a bit complicated and go back to ten years [...]

23 04, 2015

Ulysses’ story narrated in the Japanese language

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Kazuo Okuma is a Japanese journalist. He took his degree in History and Scientific Philosophy in 1963 and immediately started working for the daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Kazuo Okuma has accepted to read Ulysses’ verses for Dantepoliglotta, in the Japanese translation by Heizaburō Yamakawa ...

3 04, 2015

Francesca da Rimini tells her story in her own Romagnolo dialect

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Giovanna Maioli, an actress from Romagna, has agreed to be the voice of Francesca da Rimini in the translation of the Divine Comedy by Luigi Soldati into the Ravenna vernacular, which was indeed the dialect used by Francesca in daily life.  In fact, Francesca da Polenta (that was the girl’s real name) was the daughter of Guido il Vecchio da Polenta, the lord of Cervia and Ravenna, and was born in the latter town.... Continued.  Read  more in Giovanna Maioli's web page and listen to her reading [...]

28 03, 2015

Count Ugolino’s verses translated into Sanskrit

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Dante's verses about the death of Count Ugolino, contained in Cantos XXXII (124-139) and XXXIII (1-90) of Hell, were translated in 1886 into Sanskrit shlokas, the typical Indian epic verse, by A. Farinelli. Mr Farinelli was a professor of Italian language at University College, London, but we have no further information about him. It is a rather rare and unknown document, so we publish it entirely.

7 01, 2015

Luisa Gastaldo and Massimo Somaglino read Francesca’s and Ulysses’ verses in the Friulian translation of Pierluigi Visintin

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The beautiful Friulian translation in tercets of Hell by Pierluigi Visintin appeared at Udine in 2011. Two Friulian actors read Francesca's and Ulysses' verses of this version.

9 12, 2014

Dante’s Rhymes translated into French by Jacqueline Risset have been published at Paris

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Just a few weeks before her death Jacqueline Risset has completed her translation of Dante’s Rime (Flammarion, posthumous edition October 2014).

11 10, 2014

Dante’s verses on Ulysses in a new Ukrainian translation illustrated by Priamo della Quercia

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The brand new translation of Hell in the Ukrainian language by Maxim Strikha was published at Lviv in 2013 and is illustrated with the illuminations by Priamo della Quercia (Siena 1400-1467), taken from the Siena Codex Manuscript Yates Thompson 36 property of the British Library of London. On this page we present the illumination of Priamo della Quercia concerning Dante and Virgil meeting with Ulysses and the related verses 90-142 of canto XXVI of Hell translated by Strikha. ----