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26 07, 2014

Transcription in Latin characters olf Ulysses in Japanese

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Dante, Hell, Canto XXVI, vv. 91-142 ——- Translation into Japanese by Heizaburō Yamakawa – Transcription in Latin characters To listen to the reading of Kazuo Okuma click here below ------- hitotose amari Gaeta-ni chikaku warewo 1 kakuseshi Chiruche-to wakaresarerutoki konoitsukushimi, oitaruchichino uyamai, matawa Penerope-wo orokobashubekarishi meotonoaisura yonosama hitonozen’akuwo ajiwahi shirantono wagatsuyokinegaini kachigataku   «Quando mi diparti’ da Circe, che sottrasse me più d’un anno là presso a Gaeta, prima che sì Enea la nomasse, né dolcezza di figlio, né la pieta del vecchio padre, né ’l debito amore [...]

7 07, 2014

Nereo Zeper reads Ulysses’ verses in his translation of the Divine Comedy into Trieste vernacular

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Nereo Zeper is the author of a recent verse translation in tercets of Dante’s Divine Comedy into the dialect of Trieste, published by him in the year 1999. He has graciously accepted our invitation that he himself read Ulysses’ verses in his translation of canto XXVI of Hell.  In 1977 Nereo Zeper took a job at the Trieste office of RAI (Italian Radio and Television) as an assistant producer.  In 1990 he moved on to the role of producer and directed a series of radio [...]